Indie Business Ownership on World Mental Health Day

It is World Mental Health Day today – something we wouldn’t have thought of having some years ago. You might wonder why a website that celebrates stand out indie businesses and living would be talking about such a day – but you’d be surprised.

When meeting and working with amazing independent business owners it is always striking what a conscious, mindful decision they have made to ‘go it alone’ over a more traditional employed working life. It is a bold, bold statement to decide to be your own boss. Often there are inspiring stories that go with the decision to run a business and many owners have travelled a long, and sometimes, bumpy road.

Almost without exception, the decision to become an independent business owner has somewhere in the mix, a desire for a better work/life balance or a step away from corporate culture. Often there is dream of freedom from the 9 to 5 and a reduction in rigid structure. Sometimes (and more often than you’d think) there has also been a really difficult experience in a previous employment – words & phrases like stress, overwork, never seeing the kids, unrealistic expectations from bosses, not enough support, exhausting commute are not uncommon.

It is clear that many people who become independent business owners are in search of a better life and a life that has better mental health. They are often so brave and so inspirational that they have chosen a better life against all the odds and despite economic uncertainty and long (but self governed) hours. It is an all too common story that all the challenges that independent business ownership brings, not many would return to the treadmill of someone else’s rules and hours where mental health can take a dive.

So, here at Simply HQ, we are celebrating all independent business owners and their bravery, intrepid spirit and desire for a better life on World Mental Health Day.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.