Independent Event Management with Seventeen43


We are thrilled to be profiling Seventeen43, an indie events management business headed by Gary Williams as recent additions to the Simply membership family. Gary has years of experience developing, planning and executing bespoke events from large public celebrations to small charitable or family based evenings.

Gary brings a calm, focussed and precise approach to every event understanding everything from the best venues and locations to how to get your guests home. He has a strong eye on safety, detail and the things that you hadn’t vardenafil online even thought about.

Bespoke is his approach and he is as happy to work with a 2 day large festival or a special Birthday as a corporate event or boys weekend watching sport. When you first meet with him, he will take you through his list of key questions and pull together 3 options for you to choose from, allowing for tweaking along the way of course.

Head over to their Member Profile to find out more about planning your special event!