Imperfect Valentine Baking Recipes for Everyday Love….

Valentine Baking Blog

Nothing says love like food & baking. Food is the universal language of love. Not necessarily the oysters and chocolate ice cream passion fest type of love, but the every day, run of the mill, ordinary, vital love that we all need.

We use food to say I love you to our partners, kids, friends, dogs….the list is endless. We say sorry with food, we say good luck, commiserations, get well soon, cheer up, have a giggle and we use food to heal – a wound, broken heart, bruised confidence to name just a few ills helped by a slice of something sweet made with love.

Valentine’s Day is a difficult day for many because the big chain stores have turned it into a super pressured passion killing, perfection day with the sole purpose of relieving us of lots of cash (this is not the same as buying something artisan made in your local independent gift shop!) – oh what a cynic you cry! No – not a cynic – but a believer in the real power of love. The preferable, where to buy tramadol online safely imperfect, grump fest of everyday life. The type of love that shows up in the rain, with greasy hair and hole in it’s sock. This proper type of love is all around us everyday and is, actually, what makes the world go round.

So – let’s reclaim Valentine’s Day for all of those we love – a lonely neighbour, a friend, beloved mutt, children, nieces, parents and any other person that enters your life with love. Show them the love this Valentine’s Day with food. Baking some sweet stuff would be a number one choice of course, but buying from an artisan baker or gorgeous Deli is also entirely acceptable!

Here are some stunning recipes to get you started – bake with love, for love and about love & stuff trying to score perfection points as seen off of the telly. Embrace some cake, sticky fingers, a soggy bottom & some dodgy icing and get your love on…..

Delicious Sweet Recipes for your everyday love….