Hygge Ways for Snowy Days

Pizza Recipe

I know, I know, I have simply jumped on the snow bandwagon as a way of writing this blog post…but bear with me! It is a perfectly valid (if overblown) reason to re discover some hygge into our lives….the art of slowing down, enjoying the company of loved ones, going digital free, being in touch with nature, enjoying delicious, warming food in front of a fire….you get the picture right?

What I love about snow days is the light – a bright, clear quality that is such a relief after days of grey. I love to simply watch it from the warm. It has, in fact, already melted but I am ignoring this fact and pushing on with my plans for home made pizzas, a bottle of local beer & my book in front of the fire tonight.

Check out our recipe for easy peasy, home made pizzas right here and enjoy more ways to enjoy some higgle this weekend!

  1. Turn off your digital devices! To really switch off and zone into the winter season, you will need to go device free for at least a few hours (ok you can put on your Spotify for some http://healthsavy.com/product/xanax/ cool tunes!!) so that you can slow your pace.
  2. Light a flame. You may not have a real fire to light, but light something – an oil burner (pure essential oils only please!), a candle or a tea light lantern. This real flame has an incredible quality of calming us, slowing our heart rates and being ‘in the moment’. Add to the feel by reducing you electric light too.
  3. Home cook your meal. There is nothing like preparing something from scratch to warm your soul and to fill the house with layers of delicious smells. Go super simple if you aren’t confident, but make the effort – the slow food option will slow you down too. Try our pizza recipe.
  4. Don’t go solo. This might sound a tad obvious, but invite some friends. Remind them to only wear their comfies and to bring warm socks and enjoy your simple food, in front of a flame with those you love.

Happy winter weekend to you all and share your hygge love with us over on Facebook or Instagram using #livesimply