How about a Simply Christmas?

simply staffordshire

We have been thoroughly enjoying our #SimplyFestive Christmas campaign this year – sharing lots of stuff about hand made, local magic. We wanted to share our version of Christmas, the version that makes us happy – and it isn’t really the same version that we see on the telly – not one bit actually.

Christmas is a fabulous opportunity to take some time in deepest, darkest winter to be thankful, to be with people we love and to share some magic about the place. It isn’t a time to overspend, get fat, feel stressed or let people near you be lonely. All of you will have completely different ways to do that but for us, it looks a bit like this….#simplyfestive….

  • Local – ok – so the reason for our business is to celebrate, support & inspire stand out local business but┬álocal is so much more than that. Christmas is about community and if you are able to practice your Christmas traditions locally then you make that place richer, brighter, happier and perhaps a little better. It might be how you buy gifts, where you donate your money, where you volunteer, but local needs to fit in somewhere.
  • Handmade – I love this one. It is such a gorgeous thing to have handmade things as part of your Christmas. This might be a gift by an artisan, maker, designer or artist (who on average make 20%+ of their annual income in the 6 weeks to Christmas) or it might be something you make – a family recipe, a wreath gathered in from nature maybe or a handmade decoration.
  • Gathering – this is an essential part of Christmas. It may not be with the people you expect either. You may have a big family Christmas or it might be gathering with friends, work colleagues or with fellow volunteers. Being among a gathering is special and unbeatable.
  • Nature – nature, the outdoors, walking, fresh air are all essentials to a good Christmas, not only to walk off the excess calories, but also to breath in the quiet and connect with this moment we have in deepest, darkest winter.
  • Sharing – sharing key if you want to go for that full blown warm glow effect of Christmas….is might be food, money, time or music….but share what you have with others and you will have nailed a top festive season.

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