Holding the hope…

Simply Great Britain

Holding the hope is a concept that my Mum taught me years ago. You may have heard of it or have your own family version. The idea is that when you know someone who has lost all hope or is without hope, you can hold it for them until they are able to pick it up again.

This might be simply holding it in your heart for them or lighting a candle, sharing a thought or offering practical support.

I have been lucky enough to have others in my life who have held the hope when I have needed it and I have held the hope for others when there was no light for them.

Over the last couple of weeks, I , in my role as a business consultant and coach, and the over in the Member’s Club, have been offering support, helping people with their comms, cancellation letters, finances, structure and morale. Together we have been holding the hope for each other.

Micro businesses are the very lifeblood of our communities and are still struggling to find the support they so desperately need.

I know that we will all need to hold the hope for each other in the coming weeks and months – I am particularly thinking of those in our micro business sector. I wanted to share just a few things that you could adopt to hold hope for others, for yourself & where to find hope on your darkest days.

  • Reduce the news. It is our responsibility to stay safe, keep others safe & be aware of our collective duties. We do not need to engage with 24 hours of analysis, disaster scenarios, potential doomsday consequences, who best to blame or worst case outcomes. Choose one or two sources of trusted news and only check in once a day. You can’t find or hold hope if your brain is full of other people’s agendas or ideas.
  • Breathe really really well. No, I’m not mad. If you have more time right now, the best thing you can do is learn to breathe again. Deeply, slowly and mindfully. It will be a game changer.
  • Having followed steps one and two, you will have more space to let the creativity in. Let that flow and write/speak all of it down. Random ramblings, scattered scribblings are all good. The seeds of magic and hope are sown in these moments.
  • None of us have magic wands so don’t let overwhelming helplessness cloud the value your contributions have. Every tiny thing helps and holds hope for micro business, communities & the people you love:
    • Share the great content you see about your favourite micro businesses
    • Buy online from them where you can & ask them for online options if they’ve not got to that yet
    • Pledge your commitment to ‘micro first’ in all that you buy – to everyone. Use #mymicropledge when you do
    • Ask micro businesses for what you want or need from them – giving them the confidence that the market is there
    • Try not to ask for refunds now. Try to defer instead
    • Tell them you are holding the hope for them
    • Remember that every £ you spend is a vote for future you want to see

I am holding the hope for you and I hope that you can hold the hope for others.

Find out more about what micro business does for you community, how to find some of the best and what we do in the Member’s Club at simplygreatbritain.co.uk