Halloween Toffee Apples

Halloween Toffee Apples

Autumn brings many gorgeous things but one of the most delicious are apples….crisp, sweet, British apples. Possibly the only time of year when you can mess with mother’s natures work is for Halloween Toffee Apples – for kids of all sizes. The home made versions are so much more delicious than the bright red shop bought variety and here is the actually very simple recipe.

6 crisp British apples
300g Castor Sugar
3tbsp Golden Syrup
splash of lemon juice

Lolly sticks or sturdy twigs

Was the apples and polish to remove any waxy residues. Place on a large piece of non stick grease proof paper and push the sticks into the stalk end of the apples.

Add the sugar to a pan with the lemon juice and a splash of water (about 80ml). Swirl about but don’t stir and then add the golden syrup. Bring the boil but be careful not to let it boil over. You are looking for the toffee to get to the hard stage – either 150 c on a thermometer or drop a little blob into cold water and it should harden immediately.

Now work quickly to coat each apple with toffee and the place carefully onto the greaseproof paper. If the toffee starts to harden a little, gently heat until you can coast more apples.