Gather together…

Gathering has a long tradition in Autumn – historically we gathered food for the long winter months, stock piling carefully grown crops and lovingly raised animals carefully by salting, picking, drying and smoking. Animals are busy gathering from our hedgerows as many of us have experienced our first hard frosts and snows of the winter.

For us humans, the prospect of long winter nights and low light means we gather together for warmth, comfort & support. We love to hunker down in front of fires, around the telly and to celebrate Christmas, eating warming, slow cooked food & hanging out with loved ones.

This week we have been gathering with fellow Staffordshire businesses and organisations to back the amazing Stoke on Trent City of Culture bid, the success of which, has implications for the whole of Staffordshire and beyond. A city that has a long history of industry, culture and beauty, this fabulous opportunity has gathering together at it’s heart. There is no organising body but simply a team of people who are busy inspiring the rest of us to gather together to create a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform an area of Staffordshire that has long been ignored and underrated by the rest of the UK.

So as the nights get longer and the weather gets colder, take time to plan your gathering this weekend. Visit places & people, be inspired by nature, gather loved ones around your table & feed them, be part of your local business community and gather as they make this Christmas truly handmade & unique & gather via our social media platforms to find your tribe.