From Field to Plate

Troutsdale Farm

The story of ancient heritage sheep, landscape and eating with care.

Many of the micro business owners we work with have several strings to their bow. Rarely do they simply focus on one thing, with side projects, another business or several parts to their business.

This diversity enriches our experiences and often is rooted in giving back, sustainability and community. How magic is that?

Troutsdale Farm in the Peak District is just one business. Part of our Member’s Club, Kathryn and her family are dedicated to creating lice enhancing experiences in their converted barns – holidays that are sustainable, luxurious with some of the best views you’ll see.

But the really beauty of Troutsdale is that it is also a thriving, working farm with a set of values that mirrors their holiday accommodation. Home to a flock of THE oldest pedigree sheep in the UK, the Shropshire breed originates from this part of North Staffordshire & Shropshire since the 1800s.

The Turnock family raise these sheep slowly and with care in beautiful rich grasslands under the watchful eye of the Roaches. You can only buy the resulting lamb, hoggets and mutton direct from the farm.

Their range includes half lamb boxes and it’s all insulated in eco friendly wool insulation.

So, make room in your freezer, tell your friends and don’t miss out on this Autumn opportunity to buy meat that matters.