A Friday night out at the Fox & Crow

Fox & Crow Gallery Leek

Last week we were invited to the opening of a new gallery space and shop called the Fox & Crow Gallery in the beautiful & historic town of Leek in Staffordshire. This was not only a treat but also a real moment to celebrate for Simply Member and artist designer Sarah Taylor who has brilliantly gathered together some stand out artists and makers to fill the gallery.

Sarah is a talented artist and surface pattern designer in her own right and has understood for a long time the value of connecting with other artists and makers for support & to provide a real experience for customers. Her new venture is called the Fox & Crow and is based at another gem in Leek (& Simply member), the Foxlowe Art Centre. This stunning Georgian building on the Market Place was rescued some years ago by locals to become a hugely successful cafe, event venue, exhibition space and hot desk provision for small order viagra online usa local enterprise to thrive. This permanent gallery will be now be the focus of activity providing a shopping and cultural experience at this iconic building in the middle of town.

Fox & Crow Gallery Leek

Leek itself is something of success story itself and has become a beacon of entrepreneurship, independent retail and creativity over the last few years – against the prevailing trend of dying High streets. As one of Totally Locally’s flagship towns, Leek has resisted large brands and supported small & independent business to stay in the town as well as building a hugely popular events calendar and regular Sunday Supplement artisan market each month. The launch of the Fox & Crow is yet another example of a forward looking town supporting its local talent to succeed and thrive.

You can now head over to our Member Directory to find out more about the Foxlowe Arts Centre and Sarah Taylor Studio and how to buy her work online.