Fika with Friends

Today is the Autumn Equinox, a time of letting go of the excess of the Summer and beginning to embrace Autumn with open arms. The weather is changing & morning walks are accompanied with telling clouds of your breath. Trees are changing colour vividly and rapidly now and we turn our attention to new ways of enjoying life as the season changes.

Fika is a Swedish concept of enjoying coffee, often with cakes and pastries and can’t really be translated into a single English word. An unhurried, enriching experience to be enjoyed with chatting friends in a warm place, Fika seems to be the perfect way to enjoy Autumn. We haven’t yet reached to chaos of the Festive season and we are in the golden place of peace, relaxation and time.

To really experience Fika fully, you need a cosy place (cafe, shed, kitchen, sitting room), friends, neighbours or colleagues, delicious coffee and perhaps some cake or sticky pastries. Above all, you need some time. If you can add a roaring fire, woolly socks & plenty of comfy cushions, you really are beginning to Fika with style.

Make Fika part of your Autumn ritual after a bracing walk through fallen leaves and you may just have nailed the perfect British Equinox experience.