From Felt to Batik in Bali with Feltworld

Feltworld Batik Courses

For regulars, you will know that we love nothing better than sharing stories of our simply Great Britain members – their adventures, journeys, news and celebrations. This is a story of Batik courses coming back from Bali to the UK.

Today we are following up on a story from earlier in 2019 about Barbara from Feltworld who recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime to Bali to exchange artistic skills. To kick off – how wonderful is that as a concept?!

Feltworld Batik Courses

Barbara is an exceptional felt artist who has created and taught her beautiful felt work to people from all over the UK and the world. She recently returned from a 6 weeks trip to Bali where she taught felt making skills – an art that is rare over there. In return she has been taking masterclasses in Batik skills from the worlds Batik centre of excellence.

Now Barbara is back from her 6 weeks of adventure, she is now offering Batik courses – bringing the magic back from Bali. Here is everything you need to know:

Feltworld Courses