How To Perfect Email Marketing In Your Small Business

How to Perfect Email Marketing in your Small Business – a workshop for small business that changes things forever.

At the very heart of Simply Great Britain is the desire to support small, micro, indie & freelance businesses to shine bright in a world that needs them.

Simply Great Britain Small Business Workshops

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media and feel like you don’t reach your audience properly?

Do you have amazing products and services to sell but just can’t get the sales?

Are you short on time but have so much to communicate every day?

There is a solution. Email has never been more important.

Email marketing is central to great small business.

Imagine a situation where the owners of your social media channels decide to go offline or change their algorithms beyond all recognition? How would you stay in touch with your audience? How would you be able to tell them about a new product, service or launch?

Mailchimp & other platforms remain a powerful tools for a small business owner to use to stay in touch with their audience, build audience, loyalty and business. Emailing is key to strong  customer relationships.

The workshop will be delivered by Emily Whitehead & Sarah Liddle.

Emily (founder and entrepreneur) has travelled your journey and uses her years of experience to bring you a special day that is a game changer. Find out about Emily here. With over 20 years experience in marketing, communication & training, Emily, founder of Simply Great Britain, believes that story telling is at the heart of all small business. Understanding your audience like a best friend, engaging with them, building relationship, clarifying brand and telling story with purpose are key to success.

Sarah Liddle is The Lady in the Shed. She supports micro businesses, mainly in the rural and wellbeing sectors, by providing affordable marketing and productivity solutions through ‘done for you’ services, mentoring and training. She has a love-hate relationship with technology! Most of the time, she loves it and enjoys helping small business owners to implement workable tech solutions into their businesses. However, she also feels strongly that technology can be a huge time-suck and the cause of much overwhelm within small businesses so she’s keen to make sure that the online tools recommended to and used by her clients are both necessary and fit-for purpose, ensuring that they make their working lives easier rather than more onerous.

Is this for you?

This workshop if for a maximum of 20 people. We think small creates more wisdom, inspiration & space to learn. This inspiring day will help you dig deep on your brand, story and relationship building as well helping you creating a customer journey to delight and build business. It is also a practical, step by step training session to learn how Mailchimp works, how you can legally collect data and email your audience, best practice for content and how to turn audience into customers.

This friendly, interactive and fun workshop will include the following:
  • Digging deep into your brand and story
  • Understanding your audience like a best friend
  • The importance of building relationships that last
  • How to use Mailchimp or Mailerlite without wasting time or making mistakes
  • How to manage your data to save time & get results
  • Best practice for collecting data
  • How to attract people to subscribe
  • Best practice for creating an engaging email that converts
  • Top tips on opt in ideas and exciting content
  • Why you need to use an email marketing tool
  • Brief comparison of some of the email marketing platforms available
  • Why Mailchimp and Mailerlite are the two platforms for small businesses to start with – including pros and cons/similarities and differences of each
  • Introduction to automation sequences with demonstration using Mailerlite
  • Practical session: Create a workflow for an automation sequence
  • Lunch & all refreshments.


New date: November 5th 2019 10am-4pm at Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke on Trent (1.5hrs from London, 10 minutes from the train station)


£120 (Simply Members get a 20% reduction. Want to join first?)

How to Perfect email marketing in your Small Business