14 Day Small Business Challenge

The 14 Day Small Business Challenge will help you start 2020 with friends.

Do you have blocks to the success?

Are you determined to have a successful 2020?

Are you ready to create the business you work so hard for?

Do you want to feel inspired and supported as your plan out your new year?

Ready to stop feeling alone with your ideas and work alongside those that share your small business journey?

14 days of fun, inspiration, interaction, webinars and daily help with a new plan for 2020 at the end of it.

What’s included?

  • Daily inspiration, tasks and ideas
  • 3 live webinar to help you plan for your best year yet
  • Downloadable planners and worksheets
  • Fun!

Tickets for the 14 Day Small Business Challenge go on sale in December and starts on January 10th 2020. Sign up to the waiting list today and be first in line to book!

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14 Day Small Business Challenge