Energy through your letterbox!

Energy Ball Recipe Kit

For regular readers of our stories, you will have heard of Energy Ball Recipes – an amazing start up business that is now delivering energy ball recipe boxes into their customer’s letterboxes after a hugely exciting and successful campaign to raise funds via Kickstarter.

Energy Ball Recipes are Simply members and is run by the tenacious and energy ball herself, Victoria Prince. Her passion for providing great customer service with exceptional and original recipes through the letterboxes of customers is infectious – and using bio degradable packaging and responsibly sourced ingredients.

So, if like us, you had not heard of energy balls previously and have certainly not made any, we thought we’d share our journey yesterday as we received and made our first batch!

There is something really thrilling about receiving exciting pieces of post these days. So much of what comes through our door is rubbish or bills, so there was a buzz when we picked our little box from the porch floor.

Energy Ball Recipes

Opening up the box opened up a new world for us – we knew many of the ingredients – delicious dates, cacao nibs and peanut butter but we had not used milled flax seed or coconut flour – exciting!

Energy Ball Recipe Kit

Armed with an ancient Moulinex (you don’t need a machine) bowl and wooden spoon, we followed the recipe which was super simple and very, very quick. Our pack was for Chocolate Chip energy balls and certainly looked delicious from the off.

Energy Ball Recipe Kit

It says on the recipe card (lovely, thick card that we can now keep with our recipes books for future making) that you can get 30 energy balls from the pack. We did get slightly less but then realised our balls were a lot bigger than the pictures!

Energy Ball Recipe Kit

It was a quick, but therapeutic experience standing in the kitchen making and rolling the balls without cooking, fuss or stress. The teenagers have tried and actually liked and I now have a box full to nibble on for the next 7 days. If things go well, I am hoping that the offspring will dive for these rather than sweet stuff and I am really looking forward to having a healthier alternative to my fridge raiding on office days!

Thank you Energy Ball Recipes – your boxes may just have made a major change to HQ’s snacking habits while taking us on a new and exciting adventure of new ingredients.

To find out more about how to try one of these boxes, head over to