Embrace the Failure!

"Embrace the Failure"

Here on our Blog, we try to bring together different aspects of living life simply, making life beautiful whether it’s doing something gorgeous at the weekend, a delicious seasonal recipe or top tips for running your own business.

Today we were watching a video about some amazing women who run The Skimm in the US and one of the things that they repeated again and again about their business was that they have learned to “Embrace the Failure”. This is to the point where now they have a feature in their weekly business meetings where everyone is able to don a hard hat and speak about what hasn’t gone so well for them this week.

When we talk to amazing indie businesses from all over the UK, we often hear fear. Fear is a huge part of running your own business – fear of failure being right there at the top.

It was so heartening to hear a huge a business as theirs working on embracing the failure but, more importantly, learning from the mistakes – just like us!

There isn’t an entrepreneur in the world who hasn’t made a bunch of mistakes including here at Simply HQ and learning from them will make your business stronger and more resilient.

So…we thought we’d share some ideas about how you can embrace failure and how you can use it build a better business.

  • Why not set up a weekly meeting with your team or just yourself (if you are a one person gig) and take a look at the weeks activities. Ask yourself – what was time wasted, did you get the results you wanted, how did it go in that important meeting. Learning each and every week is so important even if you only learn that you need a few more breaks or a bigger biscuit tin for the office!
  • Always find at least one positive from each and every failure. Not only does this mean you become a super learner, but it also guards against your inner critical voice who might stop your learning at all.
  • Remember too, to balance each failure with something that went well. So your Facebook Ad campaign was a wash out but you did get a new client and great review – you get the picture!
  • Note the constant failures – is there something that never seems to quite go right – repeatedly? Take time to have a quiet moment and reflect. Is it worth trying a new tack or are you ignoring your inner voice or gut feeling?
  • Finally – be nice to yourself. You are the one who is giving it a go! You are the one who is brave, pioneering & actually doing it…so remember that failure is ok and that it’s a whole lot better than not trying at all.