Changing the world one cup at a time!

We loved this story so much that we had to share in a guest blog! The Shop at No9 in Lichfield tells us why they are so passionate about ethical and fairtrade consuming and why they have started to stock amazing multi use cups made from bamboo.

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference – It does.” – William James
It can be surprising how much changing the little things can make a difference. We have become more aware of using ‘bags for life’ instead of plastic ones, taking walks for shorter journeys instead of using the car. But what about the difference an everyday household object can make?
Here at The Shop at No.9 we are passionate supporters of Fair trade, ethical produce and buying locally. We strive to stock a wide selection of products that help to support the environment. Our Eco Coffee Cups embody this ethos.
We know statistics can be boring but every year 100 billion single use cups end up as landfill. 100 billion! It is hard to imagine that many cups simply being thrown away. Most plastic cups are not biodegradable, therefore dumping them pollutes both land and water.
People often ask ‘Can plastic really be that bad? What is the harm?’
Plastic destroys the quality of soil by preventing proper absorption of water and minerals and it cannot be decomposed by micro-organisms. Plastic is also viagra online american express very harmful to terrestrial and aquatic animals since those foreign materials put them at risk of ingesting a harmful substance or losing their life through suffocation. Burning plastic can be just as harmful to the environment too as this causes the plastic to release harmful fumes and toxic gases like carbon monoxide into the environment. Even recycling plastic requires the use of huge amounts of energy.
We were thrilled when we discovered Eco Coffee Cups. They are not made from plastic, ceramic or stainless steel but from one of the fastest growing most sustainable resources on the planet; naturally organic and sterile bamboo fibre.
They are light, bright and beautiful to drink from as they come in a variety of pretty designs including our limited edition William Morris collection. They are available in both 140z and 120z sizes and can be used for many drinks other than coffee. They are also dishwasher safe, BPA free and they are fully bio-degradable at the end of their life span.
It is amazing the difference one small cup can make and shows just how much the little things matter. If each of us changed just one thing, it would add up to create a big difference.
For more information please contact us on 01543 306150 or visit our Facebook page @TheShopatNo.9.