A Celebration of British Makers

Tonight on the BBC is the programme ‘Made in Britain’ travels to Stoke on Trent to take a look at the still world class pottery industry. An industry very close to my heart and one that inspired me to do what I do with Simply Great Britain. On top of that they are visiting Stockton Brook Studios as part of their travels, a business owned by Mark & Louise, talented artists who spend their time teaching people how to to develop their creative skills – how exciting!

It is often assumed that Stoke and the Potteries have simply died out as large ceramic industry left town to produce abroad but, in fact, independent ceramic businesses and artists are changing those perceptions by doing it for themselves. The ceramic story in the city is one of innovation, bravery and dogged determination to keep traditional skills alive and creative spirit vibrant. The likes of Valentine Clays, The Clay School, Middleport Pottery, Gladstone Pottery, Spode & Keith Brymer are just some of the businesses and organisations who are playing their part to build a new future and conversation about Stoke and ceramics for a sustainable future.

So if you want to fill your cup with inspiration about independent business, creative skills and people who make it work from the bottom up (especially on Black Friday) please watch the BBC tonight.

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Find out more about Stockton Brook Studios.

Stockton Brook Studios