Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Staffordshire made Hugget

We love a competition here at Simply HQ and it’s often the way folks discover Staffordshire, its people, places & environment. This fantastic competition is in celebration of Mothers everywhere with a fantastic story of a Mother that has supported the development of the beautiful Hugget – made in Staffordshire.

Here’s the back story and how to enter to win a stunning Hugget for the special Mum in your life…

Director & Creator of Hugget, Katie & her Mum
Director & Creator of Hugget, Katie & her Mum

The Company:
I run my company from home in Alstonefield (a small village in the Peak District just outside Ashbourne) mainly selling online at www.hugget.co.uk as well as at local shows, the Leek Sunday Supplement market and in Handmade Design in Ashbourne. A Hugget jacket is so named because it is like a hug and a jacket in one. It is my own design of fleece jacket that I came up with for a long trip I was going on to be warm and comfortable while travelling while also being smart enough to wear to work. The business started when lots of friends and family started asking to buy the jacket, which I originally just made for myself. That was three years ago and now I produce them in many different colours and patterns, in the full size range of UK womens 8 to 18. The design is very simple yet elegant and can be worn in differnet ways. It is flattering on all body shapes and sizes and I’ve had wonderful feedback from customers ranging from age 18 to over 80. I’m very passionate about UK production and am proud that all my Hugget jackets are made by a family run factory in Leek.

The Competition:
The past two years I have given away one Hugget jacket for Mother’s Day but I’ve been so overwhelmed by nominations it has been very hard to choose just one. Although my business is still very small it is growing and I feel that this year I would like to offer the opportunity to more people, so will be giving away 5 jackets.

I’m asking people to email me at hello@hugget.co.uk with nominations of why their Mum deserves to win one.

My own mother has given me a huge amount of support and encouragement throughout my life, we have travelled and lived all over the world and have had amazing opportunities to develop my creative and business skills. She has been amazingly supportive with my business, including allowing me to use two rooms of her house for my office and stock, I truly would not have been able to do it without her. I know that many other people feel very lucky to have mothers who work very hard and selflessly, and this is a chance for them to show how much they care and to give something back to someone who really deserves a treat.

Happy Mother’s Day!