Sirius Therapies

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Mobile : 07792 513020


Sirius Therapies is owned by Emma who is the maker and based in Nottinghamshire. Many skin products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don’t actually help you. Sirius Skincare is made with natural plant butters, oils and essential oils, and we believe that quality should never be a compromise, and our candles are made with soy wax and natural essential oils.

Emma (owner and maker of Sirius Therapies) says: I am a micro business owner, and I am a skin care and candle maker. My products are hand made using plant butters and essential oils – no added extras! And everything is simple and straightforward – my face cream is used by men and women from 19 to 91!

You are the only person who knows how to be you. You are the only person who walks in your shoes, who sees through your eyes, who feels with your feelings. Embrace all your wonderful quirks, flaws and brilliance, and allow yourself to sparkle and shine like the amazingly unique person that you are.