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Patrick designs and hand-makes contemporary sterling silver, heat coloured titanium and patinated copper jewellery for individual and independent women – earrings, pendants and necklaces. His work is inspired by nature, mostly with an abstract twist.

From Patrick:

I’ve drawn and painted since I was a teenager, but couldn’t go to art school. At last 3 or 4 years ago I was free to follow my creative passion. It’s taken the form, not of painting,strangely, but jewellery making.
I’m mostly self-taught, a challenging and fascinating journey in itself.
The inspiration of most of my designs is the natural world, from whole landscapes to tiny details on a leaf or stone. I’m not interested in being literal; for me that takes away from the lightness and “otherness” of what I make.
I work with sterling silver, titanium and copper, all of which can be coloured, used alone or combined to contrast and enhance each other. For me silver is so much more beautiful than gold (although I sometimes gold-plate a small part of a piece). I nearly always texture the finish on silver, “frosting” its surface, never high polish it.
Titanium, when heated, goes through a progression of colours, but, for me, the range of purples and blues make it utterly special. There’s a preparation of it I use that shows it’s crystalline structure, so that when it’s heated each crystal goes a slightly different shade to the adjacent one, giving a magical iridescent appearance.
Nearly all my designs are asymmetrical. For me symmetry deadens everything about a piece – its lightness, its playfulness. It just sits there like a heavy dumpling! Asymmetry makes a piece move, never the same from all angles, always new. I try to bring out lightness (of weight and look), simplicity, movement and spontaneity in what I make. When I remake a piece it’s never quite the same, it’s not meant to be, each one is unique.