Claire Podesta

Contact Details:

Mobile : 07711168726


Claire Podesta is a graphic designer specialising in visual identity, printed collateral, publishing and websites. Claire has a broad experience working with a range of clients, from individuals and startups to publishers, independent schools and large corporations based in Buckinghamshire.

Here is what Claire says,

“So I have just started freelancing (although I have freelanced in the past). I work from home and try to work for clients who are local or who I can work with remotely, I’m not into commuting long distances. I’m not aiming to grow massively because I want to be there for my family – and my dog! I live in Buckinghamshire, near Thame, so I know a lot of people in my local area as well as Oxford, and also in the Cookham and Marlow area, not far away. My village is a tiny rural community and I love making the most of the countryside and the lovely people I’m surrounded by.”

“I believe that small businesses especially value a close relationship with a designer – someone who really ‘gets’ them and can give them a really personal and tailored service. My clients say they value my creativity as well as the way I interpret their brief and present them with something exactly right for their market. I’ve worked in marketing and as an artist which has given me a pretty broad perspective.”

“I like to keep up with what’s going on in design, art and photography and I enjoy going to events in London and Oxford – I’m lucky that I have these cities accessible so I can get my fix.”