Business Support during Coronavirus

We celebrate, connect & support micro businesses within our Member’s Club providing free resources, workshops, video tutorials, How To Guides and much more all year round.

However, these times are unprecedented and we wanted to make some of our support available to all micro business across the UK for free.

If you would like full access to our resources, workshops and support, please take a look at our Member’s Club. The Member’s Club is a stand out community of special people. It is completely self funded and we rely on our membership to help us help as many micro business in Britain as we can. Be part of something truly special and join our mission to change how Britain views micro business forever.

Offer your support to millions of micro businesses across Britain using #mymicropledge. Tag your favourite micro businesses and make a pledge to choose them 1st.

Marketing & communication ideas

Self Care support and ideas

Useful links for further support

A super practical download with ideas, inspiration, practical advice to help you market and communicate effectively during this difficult time. Includes:

  • How to do more online business
  • Best practice communication ideas
  • Building long lasting relationships
  • How to tell your story effectively
  • Top social media ideas
  • How to stay in your customers hearts

This download is one to print off and pin on your wall. Full of practical ideas, hopeful practices and ways to stay mentally strong. Includes:

  • Managing self isolation
  • How to stay positive
  • Ways to stay connected
  • Finding community support
  • Ways to get creative
  • Ideas to help you stay sane

We don’t have all the answers but we know a few people who can help you even further…