Sculpted Steel
How Simply Club member, Charis from Sculpted Steel, has become a national role model to showcase diverse women in business across the UK.

The Natwest bank have launched a campaign to champion women in business, specifically how they can’t be placed in a box or be assumed to be doing business that is typical. In partnership with Getty Images, they are asking people nominate women in business for a specific business support package prize and a place in the Female Focus photography collection from Getty Images.

Designed to provide inspirational role models to other women in business, this campaign is such an exciting one. Statistics show that the micro business sector in Britain is largely made up of women. Often in roles that we don’t always see in the media, women in micro business also make up the largest percentage of successful start ups in the UK too.

Like Charis, women are forging a path using unique skills, tenacity and in all sectors across the micro business landscape. Sculpted Steel was founded by Charis, a blacksmith who is able to recreate almost anything in steel for small and large bespoke projects. From stunning venue installations to bespoke gates, Charis has the magic combination of serious skills and design know how to make statements in steel.

We couldn’t be more excited for Charis to be featured in this way in a National campaign like this not only because she is a successful woman in business, but because she is representative of millions of micro business owners in all their diversity and experience.

Find out more about how to nominate Charis or your favourite woman in business.