A Whole New Decade…

Simply Great Britain's 14 Day Challenge

When I kicked off running my first small business my main challenge was the isolation. I felt alone and coming from the corporate world I had little understanding about how small businesses hung out.

I am now 18 years on from starting that first business and community, working together and collaboration are at the heart of everything I do and everything that Simply stands for.

This has never been more so given that we are at the start of a whole new decade. My mission to support small, micro business owners has never been more important. Never before have so many people started their own businesses and never before have we needed to club together and provide the community we all need – including me still!

2020 promises to be a special year for our Member’s Club and Simply Great Britain as we grow, evolve and strive to help more and more small business owners.

We are starting the year off with a brilliant 14 day challenge to support, inspire and build the small business years that we all want. This leap into community is for any small business owner looking to find inspiration, ideas and wisdom as they plan their own futures.

Included in the challenge are 14 days of daily inspiration, ideas or tasks. There will be planners and tick lists to help along the way plus 3 live webinars to uncover the potential ahead.

I couldn’t be more excited about this positive & community based start to the year & decade and hope you are too.

Enrol today and we kick off on Friday the 10th January.

Feel like you’d like community all year round? We are re opening the Member’s Club for new members on January 24th. Register for free today and we will be in touch.