A TURN for the better…

TURN Education

Today I met with the inspiring Caroline from TURN Education CIC who is dedicated to tackling underachievement in kids and helping them realise new beginnings.

TURN Education CIC

I knew that Caroline had a long teaching career and I knew that she works with children and animals (isn’t that an issue?!) but I wasn’t prepared for how inspired I would feel.

As described on the website, they are offering therapeutic and holistic learning activities which also incorporate animal-assisted learning to build programmes that help young people remove barriers to their learning and re-engage fully with a programme of education.

What I hadn’t banked on was the stunning surroundings, infectious enthusiasm and a real insight into the challenges faced by organisations like Caroline’s.

Surrounded by hens, sheep, goats, ducks, geese and two extraordinarily lovely dogs, Caroline shared with me her mission to provide a sustainable environment and a place where children and young people can find their feet, discover new opportunities and engage with the person they really want to be.

Not only is it an inspiration to hear someone’s journey from full time educational management and teaching to setting up a community interest company that provides such vital work, but it is exciting that such organisations are part of a growing community of stand out micro enterprises that are heart and future of our communities across Britain.

Find out more about what Caroline does at TURN Education and how her work is at the forefront of successful education for all, small holder life and new lives for the next generation.

TURN Education is part of the Simply Member’s Club and absolutely an example of the inspiring micro business owners I meet all the time. Find out how they are seen, heard and helped all year round.