A Magic Independent Food Festival in Stone

Stone Food & Drink Festival

The Stone Food & Drink Festival is a long standing member of Simply Great Britain but an even longer member of the community in the town of Stone in Staffordshire. An annual gem of an event that really does have love and community at its heart. And heart is what it has and has never lost or been tempted to be something it isn’t.

Imagine a food & drink festival that isn’t filled with generic olive stands or miserable food stalls that are pretending to be artisan. This event is the genuine article in terms of artisan, dedicated, love, people, local, seasonal, delicious treats, live music, authentic ale and warmth.

Richard, Charlotte, the whole team and Staffordshire Uni students (not to mention the Brownies, St John’s Ambulance & other community groups) come together to produce something special that genuinely showcases all that is brilliant about small, artisan businesses in the UK.

We had a truly brilliant few hours and here are some of the people & businesses that caught my eye….until next time lovely people!