A little Hygge in Staffordshire

A Little Hygge in Staffordshire

I LOVE Autumn….for a few weeks I bemoan the loss of high summer and feel like I will never get used to a new season….until I go on that first walk, in the sun, with a little chill in the air and a new colour palette, take a deep breath……Autumn is back.


Many of you will have heard the word Hygge banded about in the media this Autumn…as if the art of quiet, cosy living is like the reinvention of the wheel. Of course the Danish have been happily chilling out for millennia. However, I have really enjoyed the permission that these articles and discussions have given me….it is like someone has validated my instinctive need to light a candle, http://healthsavy.com/product/priligy/ light a fire & drink hot chocolate! Apparently I am actually, and fleetingly, a la mode….

All this Hygge talk got me thinking about finding that gorgeous feeling in Staffordshire…after all Hygge can be best achieved if it is accompanied by the warm glow of buying local. If you are embracing a touch of Hygge in your life you really need local wood, handmade candles, delicious, locally made cake, beautiful local crockery and so on, right?


Take a meander through our very own Hygge, handpicked directory of fabulous, stand out, local members who will make it their business to ensure you have the Autumn of your dreams….

Happy Hygge folks….

Emily xx