5 ways Indie Business will make your 2018 more beautiful…

We are heading to the tail end of January when our diets and new fitness regimes are waning and we are flagging. Making a new year resolution is somehow doomed, not least because we make the promises to ourselves in the deepest, darkest part of winter when comfort is what we crave.

We propose that you make a little promise to yourself to make your life more beautiful in 2018. Doesn’t that sounds so much more pleasing? By all means stick to a healthier diet and certainly add some extra exercise into your life but how about seeking rewards somewhere other than your chocolate cupboard or sofa.

Indie business in the UK makes up a huge part of our national economy (93% of all UK business) and yet we still turn to the big corporates to find the magic we want to buy or to solve the problems we have. You don’t need to listen to a consumer programme for long to find out how that turns out all to often.

Stand out Indie business owners are the magic in our communities. They run the beautifully thought out shops, source the gorgeous things to buy, take a personal interest in solving our problems and live and breath the service they offer to each and every customer. Often they create beautiful things for us to look at and enjoy and almost without fail they distribute their wealth in their own local or indie business community, strengthening it from within. In essence, indie businesses make our live more beautiful each and every day.

So…read on and find 5 ways that indie business will make 2018 a better one for you and please spread the word…who knew the secret to a happy life was so simple?

  1. Indie Business cares – sound trite or are you giving this a cynical eye roll? If an indie business stops caring about each and every one of its customers, they simply die. Their very life blood is giving a monkeys about how they look after their customers and what those customers say about them. This is a small but revolutionary fact that transforms your relationship with indie business.
  2. Indie Businesses create community – imagine a High can you purchase viagra online Street full of indie shops and offices housing independent businesses. Now imagine a High Street without all that but with a super convenient supermarket on the outskirts. Which image is making your heart warm? Which one promotes a thriving community that you can rely on? Which of those businesses are actively adding hard cash into your local economy?
  3. Indie Businesses are human – in a world where we have an insatiable craving for human interaction (see social media stats for confirmation), we often make the mistake of choosing to buy corporate, leaving us a little hollow inside and craving more. Corporates are the white sugar in our life diet. Sometimes essential and often inviting but never a long term solution to a happy life. Indie businesses are run by humans day to day and human interaction is what you will always get whether on the High Street or online.
  4. Indie Business provides a better life – for those indie businesses and their owners, life can be flexible and less stressful. In a world where work life balance has all but broken and serious stress is making us sick, building a workforce that is independent, flexible and doing work they love AND that contributes significantly to all our lives seems like a no brainer. Supporting those businesses or becoming one could provide us with the future we all dream of.
  5. Indie Business makes life more beautiful – we have already established that indie business is human, provides community & injects significant money into our economy. Add this to the fact that many indie business owners make and create beautiful things for us to buy and you begin to see that taking simple every day steps to buy independent or support an indie business will, in fact, make life more beautiful for all.

We hope that this has given you just a little nugget of inspiration to go in search of at least one indie business that you feel you can work with or buy from. Start by exploring our award winning directory of hand picked indie business or sharing this with someone you think needs it.

Much love, Emily & team x