5 Ways to Fill February with Love

5 ways to fill February with Love

The 1st of February seems to mark a real step forward into a new year – a month with more light & hope than before.

Although many of us are yet to fully emerge from Winter slumber, many of us have at least tried to cut down, do a little more, pay attention to our lifestyles. So, given that January gets all the limelight as a special month to change your life, how can we make February feel special?

Here are some ways to fill your February with some love, to make life just a little more beautiful.

  1. Plant some Sweet Peas. There’s nothing quite like watching something grow to warm our hearts and February is a great month to make a start. Good healthy sweet peas started in February will give you amazing scented growth early in the season – a real treat to look forward to. Ideal for a garden, yard or balcony.
  2. Learn to bake bread. We are still in Winter and need to occupy our darker days and there’s no better way to give love that to bake. Bread making is a magical skill to master, providing nutritious, additive free loaves like you’ve never tasted before. Why not book a course?
  3. Arrange a gathering. With so much focus on love in February and an overwhelming saccharine flavour to Valentine’s, why not simply arrange to gather those you love? A simple winter picnic in the park with flasks of soup and a football or perhaps a cosy supper at home when guest bring and share? Renew the love in your life simply.
  4. Plan a break. Whether you are planning a proper summer holiday with sun, sea and culture or you fantasise about a single night away for a break, now is the time to dream and make plans. With many offers and deals out there, start by searching independent places to stay and create a break to look forward to.
  5. Make a pledge. January was full of pledges – many of which required us to miss out on something or reduce some pleasure. How about starting February with a pledge to add love? Pledge to visit or buy from a new independent business every month of 2018. These amazing owners create wealth in your local area and enrich communities, spreading the love. Supporting them will only bring joy and make life more beautiful.