5 Reasons to Buy from an Indie Business

5 reasons to buy from an indie business

Simply HQ was created from the recognition that there is an alternative life to be had, a beautiful life – a life in contrast to mass production, environmental destruction, corporate dominance & soul destroying consumerism.

We are not talking about a life of knitting your own sandals (although that sounds cool!) or living a frugal, grey life but about embracing all that is colourful, creative, human, supportive, life enhancing, not a rip off, community, inspirational, thriving, countryside, villages, towns, cities and on and on.

At the heart of a life like that are independent business owners. Those that make stuff, mend stuff, create stuff, grow stuff, bake stuff, support stuff…..brilliantly.

Buying from these independent businesses is about getting all that you want without the bitter after taste of rubbish customer service, an empty wallet & a crap experience.

Here are 5 reasons to buy from an independent business to make life beautiful….

  1. Your money will make people happy! Each £ your spend makes a business stronger, a community buzz, a family thrive & a business owner survive.
  2. You will connect with real people – not an automated switchboard, not a grumpy text service but a person who gives a monkey.
  3. You will buy an experience not just stuff. You can meet the owner, discuss your purchase, get help to choose from their hand picked selection and with a returns policy that works.
  4. Your life becomes unique – no more mass produced dread that you are wearing the same dress as the person sitting next to you at the party or buying an identical gift for a friend as someone else.
  5. You will smile more. This is a fact! Buying seasonally, from people who care, in a community that supports, without being ripped off or under valued will make your life better and more beautiful.

If you have enjoyed this little post about making your life a little more beautiful then take the next step & discover our handpicked selection of amazing indie businesses in the Simply Directory. Currently they are all based in Staffordshire but we will be adding to the list from Autumn 2017 from all over Great Britain.