5 Chemical Free Spring Clean Ideas

The sun has shone for many of us over the last few days and Spring is certainly here after the Equinox on Monday. In the new bright light many of us will have noticed cobwebs in corners and the grubby edges of our winter homes and will have started to think about the Spring Clean.

A traditional activity that would have taken our mothers and grandmothers (or fathers and grandfathers!) well over a week of brushing, washing, scrubbing and clearing out. In a busy world, we don’t seem to have the time and often turn to quick, cheap sprays that promise us the world and hope that they will do the job for us.

Not only are these products full of some of the world’s nastiest chemicals,¬†they actively spoil the very air we breath and leave our homes full of artificial smells and headache inducing perfume – not to mention a cupboard full of plastic bottles.

So…here are some simple and gorgeous ways to make your home truly fresh and ready for Spring. They don’t take lots of time and will have an amazing effect on your home.

  • WINDOWS ¬†– wash out an old spray bottle and a third fill with white, distilled vinegar. Fill the bottle to the top with water. Add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil or a couple of drops of eco washing up liquid (the non eco is full of chemicals that make too many suds). Use with a clean micro fibre cloth for clean, sparkly windows and mirrors. Guaranteed you home won’t smell of a chip shop either!
  • SCUFFED & DIRTY PAINTWORK – Instead of re painting, try to clean up your walls. For stubborn http://healthsavy.com/product/valtrex/ scuffs and marks use either a little toothpaste on a micro fibre cloth or a squashed little ball of cheap white bread and gently rub. For wax crayon marks, try warming the area fully with a hairdryer first then wipe over. For grotty edges and skirting boards, use an old, damp toothbrush and dab into boracic of soda and scrub.
  • OVEN & GRILL – for a really good spring clean, wipe out your oven or grill with a micro fibre cloth. Boil a kettle and will an oven proof bowl and add a tablespoon of bicarb of soda. Place in the bottom of the oven and leave on a very low heat for at least an hour. Finish off by wiping the oven over and scrubbing with dry bicarb, any bits that didn’t lift.
  • BATHROOM – For scummy taps, dip kitchen paper into white vinegar and wrap around the base of taps or shower heads and leave to soak until all the limescale and scum has lifted. Rinse. For a stained loo, pour in a can of full fat cola and leave to soak for a while. Scrub and flush.
  • ROOM FRAGRANCE – throw away those plug ins and sprays (and google their ingredients!!) and find another old spray bottle. Wash it out and fill with cooled, boiled water. Add essential oils to suit…..lavender for fragrance and odour killing, lemon and teeter for anti bacterial odour killing. Alternatively try sweet orange to calm down fractious kids or geranium to calm and relax.

Happy Spring Cleaning folks and a happy, healthy 2017!