How we connected, shared & supported at our 1st Meet Up in Cornwall.

Cornish Meet Up

This week marked a little but significant step change in our journey from our Staffordshire beginnings to growing into a community of small, indie businesses from across Great Britain. We held our 1st Meet Up in Cornwall to meet and hear from small indie business owners in the south west of the UK.

We were so pleased to welcome new businesses to q street coffee in Lostwithiel, Cornwall and we heard from them about life as an indie business owner in a seasonal county which is tourism driven for much of the year.

It is no surprise that we found that they faced many of the challenges that we hear about all the time. First up, there was the challenge of being good enough – that awful imposter syndrome that faces so many of us as we build business in a noisy world.

Another challenge that is also familiar to us is that of feeling part of a community of indie business owners who share experience. It wasn’t that they didn’t have a few key contacts in their viagra online legit location, but that somehow there wasn’t a wider hub that they could tap into where no question would be too silly or small.

This led onto one of the key needs for the business that we met on Monday – one of safety. Not safety from anything physical as such but being part of something that felt safe, where they could share experience, ask difficult questions, be vulnerable and share knowledge without judgement, fear of copying or embarrassment.

Feeling connected is a theme that we meet again and again. Sharing your very unique experience of running your own business with people who ‘get it’ and helping each other from experience was hugely valuable.

Special thanks goes to artist, Simply Member and all round good egg, Sally from Sally’s Shed for her help in arranging this Meet Up!

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