12 Days – Day 8 Time for Festive Hygge

We have suffered from that classic of pre Christmas treats – man flu – at Simply HQ over the last 10 days. It has swept through the house until finally the germs have settled on all of us.

It is nature’s way of telling us to slow down and that the manic run up to Christmas is too much and we need to settle down to some winter relaxation. During this last week before the big day, it seems that Scandinavia know exactly what to do. They do Winter living like no other.

As we complete our tasks and jobs – the tree is up, most of the gifts are bought & the food is at least planned, we can turn to some Hygge living – the art of snuggling in cable light, relaxing with loved ones in a digital free environment. Bliss….

Here are some Festive Hygge tips to get you in the mood…

  • Reduce the light levels – our bodies aren’t very well suited to the chaotic, bright lights of lots of telly and strobey lights in shopping centres. It is exhausting and not restful to our eyes of brains. So…switch off the lights at home and just leave the tree twinkling and the candles flickering. Read, listen to music or simply close your eyes to truly rest and recuperate.
  • Gather friends and loved ones. Traditionally we associate Christmas with drunken parties and dancing – fun and festive right? How about something all together more intimate? Keep those twinkly lights on and invite friends for luxury hot chocolates and mulled cider. Remind them to bring slippers and just enjoy the magic of being together and catching up.
  • Add extra blankets to your sofa. Otherwise a folding hazzard/impromptu dog bed, extra blankets in the depths of winter is perfectly acceptable. Enjoy snuggling down with a book or magazine and enjoy some telly free time.
  • Bring the outside in. Gathering greenery (see our earlier post) at Christmas or lovely branches adds to our feelings of wellbeing in the winter. popping some branches in a vase with holly or making a bough for your stairs takes a little time but rewards you with a natural element in your home – relaxing & very hygge. You can also achieve something similar by stacking logs by the fire (even a gas one!).

Have a relaxing and special time and we wish you happy Hygge ing…!