12 Days – Day 7 3 Ways with Sloe Gin

Today is the last day of term for many people, if your kids are didn’t break up at the weekend and finally it’s time to relax and perhaps start planning fun times!

If you are anything like Simply HQ, there’s not a lot of time/inclination for exotic cocktails or over fancy drink but Christmas is probably the one time we can make an exception – something easy, festive & delicious (that won’t fill our cupboards with ingredients we will never use again!)

Sloe (or damson) gin always plays a part in Christmas here so we thought we’d share 3 ways to serve it over the Christmas break.

  1. Mulled Sloe Gin – ¬†yes really! The knack of a great mulled sloe gin (according to the Craft Gin Club UK) is to keep the gin cold and warm up the rest of the ingredients…so simply heat through the following gently and pour over a measure of sloe gin to serve. Equal purchase viagra canada measures of apple & orange juice in a pan with a cinnamon stick, 1-2 tsp of vanilla extract and cloves to taste. Warm through until infused and serve with the gin.
  2. Christmas Gin Fizz – not rocket science but a festive version of the classic. Choose a flute (or glass of choice) and pour in a measure of the sloe gin and top up with prosecco, cava or champagne (something fizzy & dry) and there you have it – pink, fizzy & delicious.
  3. Sloe & Ginger – is you like you gin iced then this is super simply & delicious. Half fill a tall glass with ice and add a measure of sloe gin and top up with ginger ale. Garnish with lemon or lime to suit.

For more festive recipes & ideas check out the rest of our our blog and recipes.