12 Days – Day 6 Food Shopping with Love…

Who can believe that we are half way through our 12 Days to Christmas?! As always these last days before the big day are flying by…..so we thought we’d talk food shopping.

If you are like most of the Great British public and you treat Christmas as a week long shut down of all food supplies, then it is very tempting to grab an extra large trolley and sweep the aisles of a large supermarket in a single hit. This is not only a sure fire way of busting your budget but will likely lead to a good amount of food waste – however hard we try to eat everything in sight during the festive season.

This is NOT a preach about never crossing the threshold of a big corporate supermarket chain at Christmas – not practical or helpful. But….there could be an opportunity to make just a few changes that will help keep your budget in line, reduce your food waste, enjoy some delicious independently produced food AND contribute to the pockets of your local economy.

Here are 3 ways to make a difference with for this Christmas.

  • Use your local butcher – they are the ones who will supply you with a truly buy cialis united states local, free range turkey, pork meat from a local farm and will make their own delicious pork pies and more. You won’t have to buy in plastic or sizes that aren’t quite what you wanted. You won’t over buy by accident and the taste, food miles and friendly experience will certainly add to your Christmas.
  • Enjoy a Farm Shop – they are the masters of sourcing the best of local or British, independently produced food. Although each item might cost more, you will buy less, high quality produce that you can savour and enjoy – not to mention the lovely festive feeling of shopping away from the grumpy aisles.
  • Plan you menu ahead of time. There are are only so many days and so many youths to feed. Think about what you are going to eat each day – who will be at home, are you likely to have guests and exactly what you’ll eat. This way you will be less tempted to over stuff the trolley and have the peace of mind that you have all you need in your fridge!

Find food producers and place to buy right here – hand picked for you…