12 Days – Day 4 An heirloom Christmas Tree

There are many approaches to a Christmas tree and all are held dear by their owners. There are sophisticated trees, beautifully balanced and picture perfect. There are colour coordinated trees that match the decor & change each year to suit fashion & trend. Then…there are the heirloom trees…..

Heirloom trees tend to be bright in colour, likely not very colour zoned and will certainly look different each year. They will be adorned with sentiment and memories. Beautiful hand made decorations from years gone by. Perhaps glass baubles from a much loved generation that came before us. Most often there are hand made decorations by a child’s hand – glitter, tinsel, egg box & card. Dog eared with years of use and sometimes requiring a dot of print stick to keep them alive. Then there are the decorations that have been made for you, or the decoration you bought for yourself at a Christmas buy generic levitra us market one year. Perhaps a hand made gem bought from an artist maker that you bought just on a whim. The tradition at Simply HQ is to buy one new dec each year add to the riot of colour.

These precious magic moments make the heirloom tree a favourite at Simply HQ. Unpacking the precious cargo each year is like greeting old friends. Covering this year’s tree with all that is special and memorable seems like the essence of a magic Christmas. No colour coordination, lots of imbalance & bags of beauty.

So how about starting your own heirloom tree? Buying one new decoration just for its beauty and hand made with love could be the start of more magic trees to come….

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heirloom Christmas tree