12 Days – Day 3. Hand Made Wreaths

12 days of Christmas

A hand made wreath, packed full of natural, seasonal delights is very hard to beat. Each will bring it’s own magic with foraged greenery, favourite colours, ribbons and dried fruit.

This year, we have had a Wreath making session at Simply HQ by the wonderfully talented Becky from Muddy Lane Designs.

She talked us through structure and creating a base to help it last as well as top tips for a professional finish. Slowing down to simply create gave us all the opportunity to settle into the season, have a giggle and crack open the gluwhein for the first time too.

We use a wire frame (bought online very cheaply), tons of moss gathered after a lawn was raked, female ivy pods and leaves, holly, dried orange slices and ribbon. A top tip from Becky was to cut the stem short & gather little bunches of foliage and then secure your foliage tightly with garden wire. This produces a fairly light weight wreath that will cheer up the dullest of front doors.

If you aren’t able to create a wreath of your own this Christmas, head to a local florist or artisan market and you will be sure to find something hand made a gorgeous.

Check out our Guide to an Indie Christmas for more details – download from the front page of our website.