12 Days – Day 12 & Father Christmas is on his way!

So Christmas Eve is finally here…that magical day when Christmas settles into our homes and we can start to enjoy the magic and plan for the arrival Father Christmas. Time to relax and slow down.

There are tons of different treats that are left out for Father Christmas in each home he visits…and here are 3 suggestions for something homemade & fun!

  • Something to warm….why not create something really warming for the man in red as he travels around the world? Warm through some side with a cinnamon stick, a little brown sugar and orange zest. Don’t boil but bring to a steaming heat. Serve in a mug with a cinnamon stick to stir.
  • Something sweet – use our best and easiest every Mince Pie recipe in our blog to rustle up some fail safe, hassle free mince pies for the man in red.
  • Don’t for get Rudolph! Mix a small bowl of oats with glitter and dried cranberries and sprinkle outside – on the lawn or in the back yard. It will twinkle away so that the Santa’s reindeer can find sustenance during their journey.

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