10 years of Sculpted Steel

Sculptured Steel

We recently received a beautiful invitation from one of our indie business members asking us to help them celebrate 10 years of being in business & wanted to share their special story.

Sculpted Steel is run by Charis Jones, a super talented artist who creates beautiful ironwork based in Etruria, Stoke on Trent. Over her many years as an independent business owner and artist blacksmith, Charis’s work has evolved and she make a range of home wares, commissions, installations and sculptures. Working in and amongst the deep industrial heritage that is Etruria, her creations are often inspired by nature and all possess a fund quality that bring beautiful buy tramadol overnight online metal work to her customers.

To celebrate her 10 years in business, Charis is hosting an informal networking event to showcase her work and introduce people and other businesses to some behind the scenes experiences. Chris regularly works with other independent businesses to develop and create products and installations and this free event, which includes light refreshments, is the ideal opportunity to meet the maker, find out how she works and understand what she might do for you.

Join in and celebrate stand out indie business with Sculpted Steel on September the 14th between 12-2pm.

To find out more and book your ticket, visit her event page today.