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My name is Emily and I run a  business just like you. I stepped away from my corporate career without a plan other than to find a way of earning a living with balance and doing what I loved [read my story here] and now my mission is to change how Britain views small, micro, indie & freelance business. I want to grow the conversation in Britain about the work you do. It’s time to shine a spotlight on our small business community in Britain to help you find the customers that love you and support you achieve your goals in easy, bits sized chunks from day 1.

You you trying to create the life of your dreams as a successful, small business owner.  Do you feel overwhelmed by the marketing & want regular marketing tips? Do you simply want to find your ideal customers? Simply Great Britain is here to help.

When you the Simply Great Britain Member’s Club…

You’ll be welcomed into our community of amazing members from all sectors of business.

They are travelling the same small business journey as you. They get it. You can connect, ask questions, seek advice and feel less lonely in a safe space.

Get immediate access to easy, bite sized marketing support just for you.

Enjoy exclusive access to the Members Area packed full of videos, blogs and help with the marketing that really matter in your business without trawling the internet and getting confused or muddled.

Get the help you need find the customers who love you.

We connect you with your ideal customers. We tell your stories, connect you with people who love small business, feature your business on our website & shine a light on the magic that you create in communities, for the economy and the Great British business landscape. 

You’re in the right place!

Joining our growing community of stand out small, micro, indie businesses gets you

recognition | website page | marketing help |  support |  connection with like minded business owners | your ideal customers

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Reasons to become a Simply Great Britain member

  • Community – be part of an award winning & growing community of stand out, independent, small and micro businesses who together inspire, have a voice, share knowledge & find the customers who love them.
  • Recognition & Celebration – Year round spotlight for your business on our website directory & social media platforms to build your brand including links to your website, location, online shop & social media.
  • Marketing Support – A weekly ‘How To Guide’ into your inbox. Access to free, exclusive or discounted marketing support & coaching and access to a huge knowledge bank in our exclusive Member’s Area. All members receive 20% off paid for courses, one to one mentoring & events run by us.
  • One to one help from Emily Whitehead, founder founder of Simply Great Britain.
  • Meet Ups – Regular Meet Ups with fellow stand out businesses for inspiration, support & community spirit plus exclusive Facebook Group access.
  • Member Exclusives – Membership Exclusives on business services & partner memberships, printing, web design and more
  • Wear the Badge – Exclusive badge & certificate to show off your membership of Simply Great Britain.
  • Become and Ambassador – If you love small business as much as we do, find out what our exciting programme is all about & set up your own local community in our name. Download more information.
Be part of the small, micro & indie revolution in Great Britain

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Silver Membership: £8 Monthly DD (or £100 Annually)

  • Ideal for a ‘one hat’ business
  • 100 words of description, 2 photos or logos in our directory
  • All the amazing member benefits listed above.

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Gold Membership: £10.50 Monthly DD (or £120 Annually)

  • Perfect if your business has different hats e.g. a shop with a cafe
  • 250 words of description, all contact details, 4 images in our directory
  • All the amazing Member benefits listed above.

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Non Profit Membership: £5 Monthly DD (or £60 Annually)

We believe that the third sector plays a crucial role in our community and business world. In recognition of their work and inspiration, we provide a special membership rate.
This membership shares all the same benefits as Silver Membership.

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Please Note: In order to keep the standards & reputation of this membership at their best, we reserve the right to cancel memberships if we think that they don’t reflect the values of a stand out, indie business.

There is no contract for the Member’s Club so you can try without being tied in. We are unable to offer refunds.