For the Love of February

For the Love of February

The New Year starts with so many plans and ideas, in the glow of Christmas celebrations and is full of hope, plans, resolutions and dreams. We dream of health, wealth and holidays. Often, however, the long grey days of January with no more twinkly lights and not so much health and wealth begins to beat us.

So we welcome February with wide open arms. We’re ready for snowdrops, daffodils, love and lighter evenings. We’re ready for hope, holidays, delicious food & February!

Here are our top tips for loving February.

Garden – it’s never too early to start and many of you will have already ordered your seeds. It’s the perfect month to venture into your garden or even just your windowsill pot to see what needs to be done, what you might plant. Discover some of the amazing snowdrop walks you can visit around the UK or maybe pop by to your local garden centre and start to imagine evenings by the BBQ on a lovely new bench.
Food – in January we have either obsessed about dieting or we have continued to work our way through the Christmas biscuits – either way food is a muddle in the New Year. Choose February as a time to fall back in love with food. Seasonal, warming & home made is ideal.
Love – you may not be the romantic type or the least interested in soppy, rose tinted hew of February but why not join in your way and discover something to love – a new hobby, skill or activity. Maybe you can just love yourself and take time to relax, enjoy peace and quiet and taking good care of you.
Short Break – this time of year is ideal to grab a bargain short break to recoup and relax. Finding an exquisite cottage in the hills or a view by the sea can’t be beaten to help us spring forward with the season. Make the most of the last minute, low cost short break options in the UK and discover somewhere new in February.

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