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Emily Whitehead, founder of Simply StaffordshireMeet Emily, founder of Simply Staffordshire and Simply Business School, how she came to build this business and about us at Simply HQ.

Are you a small business owner looking for your tribe of fellow business owners or customers? Do you need inspiration, support & ideas? Do you want to get connected to your people? You are in the right place….

We are an award winning handpicked  business network of amazing small and micro business owners and sole traders. We celebrate, support & connect you to make life beautiful – whether you are in business or if you simply want to buy from one!

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A bit about Emily – founder of Simply HQ.

The Simply handpicked business network was founded by Emily Whitehead in the Autumn of 2012 after Emily had run a successful eco holiday accommodation in North Staffordshire for 7 years. Emily lives with her family in the beautiful countryside of Staffordshire and works from her garden office. Her daily inspirations are her two children, nature and her daily walks with the Simply HQ terrier, Stan. Follow Emily & her daily posts on Instagram.
Realising that there was a whole community of stand out, inspiring, independent businesses in the county and beyond, that didn’t have a voice or good visibility to potential customers, Emily simply added her favourites to a website to share. This quickly http://healthsavy.com/product/lexapro/ evolved and came a formal directory and business network to provide support and to celebrate micro business, sole traders, organisations and family enterprises that form such a significant sector in any local economy and 93% of all business in Great Britain. Emily’s passion for local, community, people & places has meant she works day to day with amazing, but often under rated, small and local business who might need an injection of support, marketing and who are looking for opportunities to network with like minded businesses.
Visitors looking for handpicked, indie businesses, can enjoy the Simply website, blog and social media channels to find out how engaging with indie makes life just a little more beautiful. #MakeLifeBeautiful

Emily has a corporate career background in marketing and training management as well as experience working with large organisations on funded projects, in advisory roles and providing training and marketing support for a range of businesses and organisations. Simply Staffordshire was the first company to be awarded a Staffordshire Environmental Quality Mark and as such Emily has become a passionate advocate for the scheme, mentoring applicants and now as a member of the awards panel.  Emily specialises in digital Marketing for small business as well as supporting small business to become green in their practices and marketing.

Find out about Emily’s Coaching & Training arm to Simply HQ here.